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Welcome to

Spring Meadow Veterinary Clinic!

Let us show you who we are!

clinicsign.bmpWe are a mixed animal practice, serving both large and small animals.  We currently have 3 Doctors and 15 staff members.  Spring Meadow is an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accredited Hospital and offers the most up-to-date medicine possible.  We are located on State Route 60, just North of the Ashland Co. Career Center, about 5 miles South of Ashland.

front_of_building.JPG 102_0791.jpg

102_0782.jpgOur Receptionists are always there to help and would love to meet & greet your pets! This is one view of our office where our receptionist do their job, we are a paper-light practice, with the majority of things done on our state of the art computer systems.


new_pictures_709_005.jpgThis is our Welcoming area - please make yourself at home and we'll be right with you.

While you are waiting we have a computerized educational program that will teach you things about your pet that you may be suprised to learn!


exam_rooms.JPGWe have 3 exam rooms to accomadate your pets for their examinations by our Doctors.

102_0784.jpgEach Exam room is now equipped with a computer system called DIA which will help our Doctors and Technicians better explain things to you, our clients.

new_pictures_709_008.jpgEach exam room is also equipped for either large dogs, or small dogs and/or cats with tables that can be lifted up or down depending on the size of your pet.

We have a complete In-House laboratory where we can run blood work and have results on your pet within a matter of minutes.  This lab helps us diagnose your pet even quicker and more effectively.

102_0815.jpg 102_0814.jpg

Our digital x-ray system (pictured below) helps our Doctors better diagnose your pet and also allows us to bring the computer into the exam rooms to show you your pet's x-ray images.

102_0806.jpg 102_0807.jpg

This viewer below, for our x-rays, is located in our treatment area and allows our Doctors a larger image of your pet's x-ray.  We also have the ability to take x-rays of our large animals friends on the farm.  An example of an x-ray of a horse's hoof is shown below.

xray_viewer.JPG xrayhoofsmvc.JPG

This is our Ultrasound Machine (below), it enables our Doctors to see inside of our patients to determine what is wrong with them.  We can also diagnose pregnancy with this machine.

102_0812.jpgOur spacious surgical suite includes 2 surgery tables, a multi-parameter (EKG, Blood Pressure, Oxygen level, Temperature, etc.) monitor for your pet while they are under anesthesia, gas anesthesia machine, a heating unit to keep your pet warm during surgery, surgical lights and instruments.  Our Doctors perform surgeries Mondays through Fridays.


This area serves as our surgical scrub/prep location for Doctors at one end and instrument cleaning and prep station at the other.

The bank of cages pictured on the left is for our Intensive Care patients - those in need of extra-special care.  The cages pictured on the right are for our general hosptialized patients.


102_0798.jpgOur boarders enjoy staying with us while their families are away!  This is where they stay, go out for walks, play and have a blast while they board with us!


102_0799.jpg 102_0728.jpg 102_0802.jpg 102_0800.jpg

Our highly trained and educated staff provides compassionate care for you and your pets.  We currently have 18 team members ready to serve you and provide your pet with the best care possible! (Some of our team members our pictured below)

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